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    Simple Descriptive Text Examples - MY HOUSE

    Krumpuls - Simple Descriptive Text Examples - MY HOUSE - Apakabar sahabat Krumpuls, Alhamdulillah pada kesempatan pagi ini saya akan share mengenai Sebuah Contoh Descriptive Text, English Text terbaru yang mungkin akan sangat berguna untuk anda semua.

    Simple Descriptive Text Examples - MY HOUSE

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    Simple Descriptive Text Examples - MY HOUSE
    Pengertian dan  Kumpulan Contoh Descriptive Text Terbaru

    I live in a small house. It has five rooms: there are two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Indeed it is a small house; but I like living in here for wasting my spare time.

    When the door is open, I can see the living room. It is so small with only three chairs and a table, nothing else. I prefer reading a novel in this room.

    My bedroom is in the left side of the living room. In this room there is a night table next to the bed, a TV, a radio, and a computer. When being bored of reading, I usually play online games, chat with my friends via Facebook and so on.

    Next to my bedroom is my mother's. I do not know what is inside because I never come in to see it. In the right side of the living room there is the kitchen. In the kitchen I have everything I need when I get hungry. It is very pleasure when my mother cooks, the smell fills my whole house.

    I know it is a very small house; but it is the best place I have ever seen.

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