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    Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Bocoran Tes SBMPTN 2013

    Krumpuls - Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Bocoran Tes SBMPTN 2013 - Untuk membantu para calon peserta Seleksi Sbmptn 2013 kami sampaikan Latihan Soal : Mata Ujian Bahasa Inggris. Jumlah Soal yang kami sajikan sekitar 10 soal, dari jumlah biasanya sekitar 25 soal dalam Snmptn Tulis.

    Materi soal Bahasa Inggris seleksi Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (PTN) biasanya menyangkut materi-materi seperti : Pemahaman wacana/teks dalam bahasa Inggris, menentukan suatu kalimat apakah efektif atau tidak, Gerunds, Tenses, Materi kemampuan berbahasa seperti kemampuan menulis (writing skills), kemampuan membaca (reading skills), kemampuan berbicara (speaking skills), kemampuan menyimak (listening skills), dan kemampuan menerjemahkan (translating skills) yang harus didukung oleh penguasaan vocabulary yang memadai.

    Latihan Soal:

    Text : 1

    (1) ______________________________. (2) That should not be surprising, since the study of music and the study of language have a lot in common. (3) Both require you to have a ‘good ear’ – the ability to hear the difference reproduce sounds you have heard. (5) Finally, when you learn music or language, you have to learn complex sets of rules. (6) With language, the rule are about grammar and meaning. (7) in fact, grammar is the rules about how words change their form and combine with other words to make sentences. (8) With music, the rules are about sounds and rhythm. (9) Not surprisingly, researchers have discovered a scientific reason why people are good at music and languages. (10) According to a study done in Germany, you use the same part of the brain for both subjects. (11) This part of the brain is called Broca’s area. (12) Scientists have known for some time that it is connected to learning languages. (13) Now they believe that it is also the part of the brain you use when you are learning music.

    1. The sentence which is irrelevant to the text is sentence number _____
    (A) 6
    (B) 7
    (C) 8
    (D) 9
    (E) 10

    2. With which of the following sentences should the text begin?

    (A) We are lucky if we are good at both music and languages.
    (B) Many people who are good at music are good at languages as well.
    (C) Both music and languages are commonly taught at schools.
    (D) Music and languages are two relevant subjects to learn.
    (E) Both music and languages basically apply the same rules.

    Text : 2

    Colours, hair, and jewellery are frequently determined by a person’s sex. This is not always true for all cultures, ad it ii not even true now throughout the United States. In this country, there were protests to bring about a change from these culturally strict norms. The ‘anti military’ attitudes of the 1960’s and the 1970’s sought to break with the military tradition masculine or ‘macho’ position, thus making it more acceptable for men to wear floral designs on their shirts in pinks, purples, violets, and other ‘feminine colours’. For some people, long hair and jewellery on men also became acceptable as a means of expressing this changed way of thinking. More facial hair also became common, precisely because it differed from the military norm. The business world, however, has been slow to change.

    3. What is the topic of the text?
    (A) The change in gender-based attitude in the U.S.
    (B) Jewellery as a means of expressing thoughts.
    (C) Feminine colours versus masculine colours.
    (D) The anti military movement in the U.S.
    (E) Various cultures in the world.

    4. With which of the following sentences should the text end?

    In most offices today, _____

    (A) wearing a bright colours, jewellery, and long hair is still not acceptable for men
    (B) men and women have the same right in deciding the color of their rooms
    (C) men are free to wear bright and colorful shirts
    (D) bright colours are used in the working areas as well as in the common room
    (E) people coming from various cultural backgrounds work hand in hand

    Text : 3

    Amber is created when the resins produced by certain trees in tropical or subtropical climates undergo a
    transformation process that usually takes millions of years, and which is still not fully understood. The
    Baltic sea area, not temperate zone probably holds the best – known and most highly –prized supply of
    amber, which is used in jewelry. In addition, in earlier centuries, magical properties where attribute to
    amber become of the electricity. It requires when rubbed. The substance is also of great interest to
    scientist since it has been the means of preserving fossils, especially of insects as 40 millions years old.
    Amber varies greatly according to the place where it is formed, the amber in each location having in
    characteristic color, hardness and even odor.

    5. According the passage, what can be said about transportation process that results in amber?
    (A) It is magical
    (B) It is made into jewelry
    (C) It is a very lengthy one
    (D) It is not take too long
    (E) It is shorter than usual

    6. Which of the following can not be inferred from the passage?
    (A) Amber is of interest for a number of reasons
    (B) Not amber has the same characteristic
    (C) When amber is rubbed, it produced electricity
    (D) Only insect fossils are found in amber
    (E) The oldest fossils in amber found so far are about 40 million years old.

    7. The characteristic of amber vary according to……….
    (A) Where it is found
    (B) How old it is
    (C) How hard it is to find
    (D) Where it is sold
    (E) How much it interests scientists

    Text : 4

    Historically, the business person has wanted his or her company to grow. Larger companies meant greater success and greater profits. Larger companies also meant more jobs for people in the community. But some companies have become so large that they are no longer profitable or practical to run. When this happen, the company may downsize, or deliberately reduce growth. This corporate downsizing is no longer unusual. Major corporations have either already downsized or have announced plans to do so. But the decision to downsize is not always popular with the community, because it means loss of the jobs.

    8. What has been trend for business in the past?
    (A) to downsize
    (B) to get smaller
    (C) to grow larger
    (D) to be less successful
    (E) to less important

    9. A company tries to slow growth because it wants ………
    (A) to stay profitable
    (B) to avoid moving
    (C) to move its operations overseas
    (D) to meet government regulations
    (E) to lessen the company’s product

    10. Why may the community dislike the decision to downsize?
    (A) the company will lose profits
    (B) the company will probably move
    (C) the community may get their jobs
    (D) are residents may lose their jobs
    (E) the company’s products will get more expensive

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