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    Resensi Film Titanic dalam Bahasa Inggris

    KrumpulsResensi Film Titanic dalam Bahasa Inggris - Resensi Film Titanic dalam Bahasa Inggris Apa kabar kawan-kawan tercinta. Alhamdulillah sore ini saya bisa memenuhi tugas bahasa inggris saya yang disuruh membuat Contoh Review dalam bahasa inggris.

    Yang mana saya kditugaskan untuk membuat Resensi Film Titanic dalam Bahasa Inggris.
    Selain menyelesaikan Tugas Pribadi, Sambil menyelam minum Pocary Sweet ... hehee - sekalian membantu temen saya Si_Bintang Senja untuk mencari tugas disekolah sebelah saya.

    Baiklah. langsung saja akan saya sajikan Resensi Film Titanic dalam Bahasa Inggris untuk anda semua yang lagi membutuhkanya.

    Overview About Film Titanic

    Resensi Film Titanic dalam Bahasa Inggris

    Players: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Bill Paxton
    Director: James Cameron
    Producer: James Cameron, Jon Landau
    Production: Twentieth Century-Fox Film
    Year: 1997

    The love story between Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) spring cruise aboard the Titanic. Love between two people is a beautiful walk along the magnificent boat trip. The beauty of the love story having problems with the presence of a disaster when the ship hit the iceberg that caused the sinking luxury liner. So, how does the love story of Jack and Rose at a time when everyone panicked and tried to escape each.

    The story of the sinking of Titanic history inspired a play that is owned by a passenger who was in love with another passenger. James Cameron makes a very slick in size at the time. No wonder that many people praised Cameron, especially the use of visual-effect of good and neat at the time. Cameron worked dramatization that also support this film. The film is also the starting point for good acting by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio that film offers ceaselessly to them after this movie.

    Weakness of the film is less than helpful message to the audience. Messages are conveyed the story well. Messages that can inspire the audience somewhat lacking. The focus of this film is a visual-effects and drama as entertainment in the film. As a result, it may be a bit heavy so this movie phenomenon in 1997-1998 will continue to be remembered for all time despite winning many awards. As with Forrest Gump potential to be a movie of all time that can be watched on any generation.

    My reviewer About Film Titanic

    Titanic is a great movie, the film tells a love story between Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson performed clandestinely. Jack Dowson was a very great painter, he got the winning ticket for the Titanic gambling. While Rose DeWitt Bukater was a born with wealth. They met on the bridge when Rose wanted to attempt suicide. The relationship is not in accordance with their wishes because she'd had a fiancée who was in Titanic.

    Titanic itself is a vessel (boat) very fancy at the time. Titanic sank because it hit a chunk of ice at the poles. Titanic sank split into two parts.

    The love story of the Titanic itself was ended by Jack Dowson died of cold rescuing Rose. The story of the Titanic became the most moving stories to all who see it.

    Demikianlah Contoh Resensi Film Titanic yang bisa saya sajikan, semoga bermanfaat dan berguna untuk anda semua - Resensi Film Titanic dalam Bahasa Inggris.

    Maaf apabila ada kekurangan atau kesalahan dalam Resensi Film Titanic dalam Bahasa Inggris, mohon kesediaan komentar dan saranya. - Resensi Film Titanic dalam Bahasa Inggris.