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    Contoh Procedure Text: How To Make Kites

    Contoh Procedure Text How To Make Kites - Berikut ini akan saya share  beberapa contoh procedure text in english yang berhasil saya kumpulkan. Sudah banyak siswa yang mahir membuat dan merangkai kata-kata tentang Text How To Make Kites tetapi sulit untuk menterjemahkannya kedalam bahasa inggris.

    Baiklah, langsung saja akan saya share Contoh Procedure Text: How To Make Kites

    Procedure Text in Making Kite

    Contoh Procedure Text: How To Make Kites

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    Having a kite flying is interesting and make it by self is easy. Prepare the following materials to make a kite:

    • Butcher cord
    • Scotch tape or glue
    • 1 Sheet of strong paper
    • 2 Strong, straight wooden sticks of bamboo
    • Markers, paint or crayons

    After the materials have been prepared, the directions bellow is easy instruction on how to make a kite:

    • Make a cross with the two sticks, with the shorter stick placed horizontally across the longer stick.
    • Tie the two sticks together with the string in such a way as to make sure that they are at right angles to each other.
    • Cut a notch at each end of the sticks. Make it deep enough for the type of string you are using to fit in to. Cut a piece of string long enough to stretch all around the kite frame.
    • Lay the sail material flat and place the stick frame face down on top. Cut around it, leaving about 2-3cm for a margin. Fold these edges over and glue it down so that the material is tight.
    • Make a tail by tying a small ribbon roughly every 10cm along the length of string.
    • Decorate your kite with the markers!

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